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Finding the right volunteers for your mission can be difficult, take a look at some of these useful resources.

There are many ways to recruit volunteers for your organization. Many online platforms are available that make finding volunteers easy. Other methods may include using posters, brochures, or various print media. It’s important to find volunteers that correlate with your mission and are passionate about the organization’s cause. Additional ways to recruit volunteers may include local universities, friends and family members, or individuals in your local community.

Know your message. When recruiting for volunteers, be sure your message is clear and concise. Have an understanding of the organizational needs and the roles the volunteers may have. Relay the benefits of helping others and giving back to the community.

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VolunteerMatch matches inspired people with inspiring causes. It’s how volunteers and nonprofits connect to achieve remarkable outcomes. Find volunteer information and listings in your local community now!

Create The Good is about helping others—whether you have five minutes or five hours. Post your volunteer opportunities at createthegood.org!

Idealist connects millions of idealists – people who want to do good – with opportunities for action and collaboration all over the world.

LinkedIn, the online home for professionals, is a great place to find volunteers. Post your opportunity on LinkedIn to find professionals interested in making a difference.

Points of Light – the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service – mobilizes millions of people to take action and change the world. Take a look at this great resource for volunteers.

Innerview.org is a unique site connecting volunteers with nonprofits. Take a look at their section for nonprofits and consider adding your organization if applicable.

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recruitment strategies

Volunteerhub.com lists some great techniques for recruiting volunteers and highlights some key factors such as training programs and building relationships.



Communityboost.org shares 10 great ways to find volunteers, including online platforms, colleges, and more.


This article from nonprofithub.org lists some great ways to keep your volunteers motivated and make it more likely for them to volunteer their time in the future.

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