Find the hardware and software you need to keep your organization running efficiently.


Find hardware, software, phones, and tech support through various organizations and partnerships.
Take advantage of the discounted hardware and software provided to non-profit organizations. Many websites are available that can connect you with used or new equipment, from computers, to printers, phones, monitors, and more. 

Information Technology and Networking services are available to non-profits, from the small business level to enterprise level. Network design, security, and even help desk services can be found in this section.

We have also recommended a few VoIP phone providers that have useful features, such as transferring calls to assigned mobile phones, mobile apps, custom voicemail, and much more for low monthly costs.

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Why you should be thinking about technology.


TechSoup offers discounted hardware for nonprofits. Register your nonprofit organization with TechSoup to gain access to a wide range of new and refurbished hardware products, from computers and monitors, to storage and network devices.

NAEIR supports communities by collecting merchandise donations from corporations and giving it to nonprofit organizations. It is with this method that NAEIR empowers generosity. Become a member for free at

CDW provides discounted hardware to eligible nonprofit organizations. At CDW you can purchase computers, office equipment, printers, data storage products, servers, and more.

Good360 is an online platform that helps nonprofits get what they need! This includes anything from office equipment, to electronics, even mattresses and toys. Register for free at and browse their catalog to see if your nonprofit can benefit.

The National Cristina Foundation offers used computers and other technology for nonprofit organizations. Visit to find out if your organization is eligible to become a member and take advantage of this great program.

software + apps

TechSoup offers discounted software for nonprofit organizations. You can find discounts on Microsoft programs, like Windows or Office. TechSoup also partners with Adobe to provide discounts on design software like Photoshop. Discounted rates are also available for Quickbooks and antivirus software.

Zapier is a great place to start when it comes to automating your organization’s processes. Sign up for free at and gain access to their many app integrations allowing you connect multiple services so that you can streamline your workflow.

it + help desk

CDW is a great place for nonprofits to find IT solutions, including cloud services, data services, networking, point of sale, and cybersecurity.  Contact CDW to find out more about their IT consulting services.

Mindshift offers managed IT solutions like server and network management, cloud services, sercurity and compliance, as well as disaster recovery and backup.

TechImpact provides various technological services for nonprofit organizations including a live help desk, data management, consulting services, and security services. Visit their Resources section and take a look at some of the free downloads.

TechSoup provides many different IT services. Live help desk support is available through TechSoup, in addition to system and backup management, technology advice, and security and performance monitoring.


Discounted rates on phone services are available through TechSoup. Both VoIP and Wireless phone options are offered.

eVoice provides VoIP services, including local and 800 numbers at reasonable prices. Route your calls to mobile phones, and have access to your settings online.

UniVoIP offers VoIP phone services for small to enterprise scale organizations. Their cloud-based phone solutions offer many features and they even have a mobile app.

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