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At, it’s our mission to help raise awareness for these important causes and provide organizations with the tools necessary to succeed in today’s digital realm. We work with groups in the United States, as well as with organizations in developing countries. Through our projects and partnerships, we hope to mitigate technology-dependencies on non-profits, allowing them to focus primarily on helping the community.



Here you can find many online fundraising platforms, as well as grant sites and grant-writing resources. We also wanted to highlight some payment processing companies that you can use to help make it easy for you to accept donations.


Here you can find board member templates, volunteer templates, and nonprofit employee templates. You can also find  nonprofit templates for fundraising, events, as well as donor and sponsor templates.


In this section you can find tools for optimizing your social media presence. Find apps for posts, analytics apps, resources, and tools to help you improve your content on social media and have a greater impact.

Tech Hardware & Support

Find hardware, software, phones, and tech support through various organizations and partnerships. Take a look at our Tech section to get the technology your organization needs! Hardware and IT Services are available.


Finding the right volunteers for your mission can be difficult, take a look at some of these useful resources. We’ve included apps, templates, and more to help you connect with the right volunteers. Take a look at our list of noteworthy recruiting sites. 

search engine optimization

Increase traffic to your nonprofit website by using some simple search engine optimization techniques. Our search engine optimization section houses a number of useful SEO guides and tutorials to help you get started. 


Learn more about how to use data to grow your organization. Here you can find information, apps, and data resources to get you started. Start utilizing data to create a greater impact with your nonprofit today!


Here are some nonprofit videos from Youtube that are worth checking out! Let us know about any videos you recommend!



Visit our forums to find more information and resources to help your nonprofit. 

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Visit our video resources and watch some of our recommended Youtube selections to get more insight on sustaining a nonprofit.

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